Stardust Face, Body and Hair Glitter PRO Kit


Face, body and hair glitter to show your wild side!

With the PRO Kit you get up to 75 applications.


Directions: Apply Stardust Binding Gel across the area you wish to apply our Stardust Glitter on. (Please keep away from the eye area) Apply the Cosmetic Glitter directly to skin with the specially designed brush applicator. You can layer up with more glitter if the first application is not enough. I mean the more glitter the better…right!

 For removal please use water or cleanser over the area stardust has been applied.

Stardust description – Our face, body and hair glitter is a festival staple or every day if you’re feeling brave!

Throw off your 9-5 and create a look to show the spirited, fearless and expressive personality you truly are with this face, body and hair glitter.

  • Long lasting
  • Easy to apply
  • Up to 75 applications per kit
  • Ideal for festivals, gigs, parties and more

Please be assured, all our products have been tested and meet Cosmetic Safety Assessments, to meet USA legislation. We also do not support animal testing in the production of our products. We test on makeup-loving humans, not innocent animals.

Model images for illustration purposes only. Colors may vary. Weight listed includes packaging.

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